Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature

Water is powerful. It is both gentle and strong. It makes up the majority of everyone and everything. It has a hand in many of nature’s deadliest disasters. It sustains us and our earth, without it, we are but dry bones.

Coming from Virginia, or “The Land of Mercurial Weather”, I have experienced a lot of nature’s different forces. It sometimes feels like we Virginians are at the mercy of almost any and all of Mother Nature’s various whims, with exception to maybe sandstorms. There is no desert in Virginia.

But water plays the biggest part here, as I suppose it does everywhere. From the carpet of dew outside every morning to the Summer thunder storms to the coastal hurricanes, Virginia enjoys its fair share of water. My photo here shows the small part of water that I deal with the most; it’s clinging to every surface after the downpour, almost as if apologizing for any havoc it may have caused just before.

I love that no matter what it was doing before, after it’s gone, everything looks so vibrant. Squall or gentle shower, water is my favorite force of nature.

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