Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate

Intricacy is defined by its complexity or detail. A lot of things could be considered intricate even if they aren’t always outwardly so, like people. Some things are only understood as intricate by people who have an intimate knowledge of that thing, like music. I chose to show an obvious intricacy, one that is plain to see but sometimes hard to appreciate, the intricacy of old architecture.

This photo was a quick shot of some very high windows of an old building in Atlanta, Georgia. I only barely noticed them from where I stood across the street and it made me wonder why people put such effort into something so hard to actually appreciate. All the same, I’m glad they did.

I suppose at the end of the day, that’s what’s at the heart of intricacy. It’s an expression of excellence and patient planning, something whose creation is every bit a piece of art as the finished product. It almost doesn’t matter if no one else is able to see it.

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