Faking It

Watercolor Dress

You’re sewing sequins in your skin,

Washing in water colors.

You’re chiseling away characters you’ve been;

The bane of conservative mothers.

You’re painting on pleasant expressions,

Masking maddened eyes.

You’re ripping away the shame

That began between your thighs.

Never demanded the devil for attention,

But danced onto his path.

Never teased to taste his tongue

That felt of silk and ash.

Never meant to fall into his fervor;

A sickening, sordid doom.

Never expected the pain

That welled within your womb.

So in time try to heal the torn bits

But the bruises only build.

So purge the poisonous pleasures

That every curving crevice fill.

Trim yourself with tinsel

To hide these hideous flaws.

So maybe you can cope

With losing what’s most precious of all.


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