Lady of Lost Causes


Eyes capture sullen moons, light reflecting empty,

Longing spirits and riveting black.

Stripes along your back worn proudly;

Boasting of victories long since passed—

Stirring up the loves you lost along the path.

Inner chords plucked, a playful vibration. Quivering

Pleasure crashing through riotous core.

Beliefs briefly put on hold; Cautiously

Approaching slow coursing ecstasy. Soaking

Thoughts in heat, setting hearts on a bed of coal.

No one to tremble under and lay silently praising,

All love has passed, leaving shallow lust;

Filling yet viciously empty

Tugging the tender parts, wanton crows

Pluck apart what’s left of a beautiful soul.


Fun Fact: This started as a poem about my cat, Bast. Then it became a little about me then a little about my at-the-time boyfriend. It’s an amalgam of sad, really.


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