Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day In My Life

Everyday starts out pretty similar–feed Tip-Tup the turtle (A.K.A Scourge of the Gods) and take Amarillo the cactus out to get some sunshine. From there, things usually stay on a simple course that may change depending on the day.

Usually my cats demand I attend to their needs–petting, feeding, watering, letting them roam around murdering everything in sight–that sort of thing. I also put up with a lot of shit from those outdoor cats that like to hang around my back porch like this is some kind of club. Slash gave me a real “wtf?” look as I stumbled out into the afternoon light, all haggard and sleepy, taking pictures of my cactus. She’s named after Slash from Chrono Trigger by the way, meaning that she’s pretty much a push over, but still likes to be a punk.

Dang cats.

Luckily someone made coffee fairly recently so I didn’t have to zombie-struggle through making a pot for myself. It was a bit of an odd thing though, since there was in fact coffee left and no one in my house. I live in a four bedroom trailer with five other people–I kind of notice when I’m alone.

It was nice.

Then I did all my lady business in the bathroom. Never you mind what that entails.

Saw myself in the mirror, looking a mess, but my plans for this Saturday didn’t pan out so I don’t care! Too high off the sweet, sweet nectar of the gods to be upset about that hair.

Not Pictured: Me geeking out over the Saturday morning cartoons I recorded.

Got my lappy out in order to reconnect with the world a little–I just can’t feel like my day has started until I’ve poked, tagged, tweeted or liked something.

Then it’s time for the walk, I like to walk. I tend to take short walks so all of our dogs and cats and such don’t get too tired when they follow (and they will) but depending on the weather I sometimes like to take a longer route through the woods and back, just for the heck of it. The good news is that it is finally LOOKING like Spring around these parts in VA. It seriously snowed just last week so this is a pleasant change.

Found a feather on my walk. We have a ton of birdies around here–the big flesh eating kind–so I find a lot of feathers. They are, in fact, not rainbow hued. It is sad.

Mr. Pants was on the porch when I got back home–looking all rough and angry like he always does. That cat is not alright. Ever. He is perpetually grumpy and unfriendly.

I love him.

Finally people were home by the time I got back. Neither of them noticed I actually got a photo of them. They would not be happy about it. I give no care. Have to have proof that the other people I talk about living with actually exist. These two in particular (my mom and grandmother), cooked dinner tonight as they usually do and it was pretty legit. I meant to take a pic of the entire thing once it was all done but uh, I sort of forgot in the moment and just ate. Asparagus was good though!

My mom also hooked me up with a lemon ginger ale which is slowly becoming my drink of choice. I’m kind of craving one right now. . . Anyway, drank that fizzy, fruity deliciousness as I pretended to be interested in the college news while I ignored uninvited guests. Uninvited? Uninterested. Being rude is a two way street.

Enjoyed the hell out of the newest Coheed and Cambria records. One song even has horns in it all Ska-style. It makes my heart sing.

Of course as I went out onto the back porch to get some fresh air (and maybe sing a little) I got shot the evil eye by Flea, the prettiest little porch kitty. He/she is named after Flea from Chrono Trigger mostly because it shows up with Slash a lot and that’s how it goes in the game (There’s an Ozzy and Magus, too!) and Flea’s gender is debatable in-game and I really haven’t got up close and personal with this cat yet so I don’t really know what’s going on back there!

The rest of my day was hours of HGTV, the new season of Doctor Who and picking out what to wear for Easter. A small portion was dedicated to getting some actual work done. Fun work though! Projects for friends and some writing, small things just to keep everything in motion.

It’s really not a bad day, overall.



  1. I think your day looks beautiful, filled with lovely animals brimming with character, and close to nature. I love that shot of the flowers, it’s very artistic, and I can almost taste the asparagus. What a yummy day 🙂

    • Haha, if there’s one thing every day of mine has, it’s character. My family, my pets, myself, we all have very loud and distinct personalities. That shot of the flowers is one of my favorites, it’s just up the road from me around part of my grandmothers veggie garden, I go past it every day but it always looks the best in the Spring. The asparagus was awesome! It’s a very photogenic veggie. I tried taking a picture of the broccoli we had but it just wasn’t the same.

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