He Sees You

He Sees You

Found this handsome guy sunning himself on my back porch.

I think he saw me.

Which is fine since he’s my baby anyway. This is Loki–he’s a bit of a male model. He has the attitude of one at the very least. He kind of loves to be photographed.

Most of my cats are brown tabbies like Loki here and they all appear grey and black in most light but when they go out and get some direct sunlight you can see all the brown hues in their fur. I think it’s a kind of magical detail, really.

I named him Loki after the Norse god whose known to be a trickster and also known as “The Golden Knight“. Loki was also the right hand man to Odin, which is the name of Loki’s (the cat) brother. They do look out for each other.



  1. OMG YOU HAVE A LOKI!!!! I have a Loki too!! Named for the exact same reason, lol. He was such a naughty little fuzzball! =D although my Loki’s a ginger, with mustaches to shame a walrus! =D Your Loki looks like my twins, Artemis and Athena. And your other cat is adorable too!! He looks like my Marbles. Hea not an at home cat. Just a neighborhood ruffian who comes along every other day. Cat person to cat person, put your paws up! =D

    Great pictures! You’ve got some magical shots! =)

    • Yes! That’s awesome. I love how all of your cats are named after gods and then theres just Marbles–that’s adorable. I have quite a few out-door kitties who I feed and maybe get to pet if I get them in the right mood, they come in all sorts of colors and patterns, they’re great. My “real” cats are all brown tabbies like Loki here except for his brother Odin who is a black cat.

      Thanks for complimenting my photos! Really the cats do most of the work 😀

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